Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE)

This International Children’s NGO was experiencing a Founder/CEO transition. ACE has engaged TI to:

  • Facilitate CEO transition from the Founder to their first professional CEO
  • Provide ongoing coaching to the incoming CEO
  • Develop Board-to-Board partnership agreement
    and working relationships between ACE and CACZ,
    a Zambian NGO
  • Conduct a 8S Donor Engagement framework assessment
  • Support building of a scalable funding engine
  • Provide as-needed Expert Staffing in Fundraising and other areas

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB)

This blue-chip Catholic medical services charity engaged Tandon Institute and its team in a series of performance acceleration engagements:

  • Conduct a 8S Donor Engagement framework assessment
  • Design Brand Architecture and External Communications platform
  • Design and deploy a Sustainer/Pledge Program
  • Design and deploy a Mid-Donor development Program
  • Staff hiring and onboarding
  • Provide as-needed Expert staff

These comprehensive engagements have led to significant changes in CMMB’s brand positioning and project designs, guided model make-up and staffing, and rapidly moved CMMB forward through added capacities, competencies, inventive ways of thinking, and a solid foundation for future revenue engine growth.


Every Tribe Every Nation

This 21st Century initiative to make thousands of language translations of the Bible digitally accessible, asked Tandon Institute to manage its public launch:

  • Choosing right target audience
  • Message development for maximizing response
  • Broadening and deepening potential Donor base
  • Facilitating effective partnering between key Stakeholders — contributing NGOs, Donors, Foundations et al

Tandon Institute’s Indian Projects
  • Partnership of International Foundations working in India has engaged Tandon Institute to Recruit Indian investors to join their pooled investment fund
  • Several leading Indian NGOs have retained Tandon Institute to rapidly build the Donor Engagement and fundraising capacity and competencies of their Staff

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

This interdenominational Student organization engaged Tandon Institute in onboarding, coaching and mentoring engagement their C-level executive.

Jill’s House

This organization, dedicated to supporting children with intellectual disabilities, engaged Tandon Institute to:

  • Provide strategic counsel, coaching and solution setting in the areas of financial and operational sustainability, financial increase, and scalability
  • Review and refine Jill’s House resource development solution cycles
  • Conduct in-depth review of external communications and recommended improvements to increase Jill’s House current response/revenue/ROI


Landesa was approaching the end of a six-year strategic plan. The organization engaged Tandon Institute to:

  • Develop a strategic plan that will continue to strengthen the organization and will chart the organization’s course for the next five years
  • Serve as Coach, Facilitator, and Contributor in helping Landesa create an enterprise strategy that will further amplify and accelerate its impact in the coming years


Masterworks engaged Tandon Institute to:

  • Clarify organizational vision, mission, and values
  • Define target client segments, their needs, motivations, and expectations
  • Evaluate current operational model, including solution lines, client satisfaction and value delivered
  • Define expected outcomes over forthcoming 3-5 year cycle
  • Develop products and services to meet both client needs and internal growth criteria — promise, brand and solutions
  • Design and deploy operating model which enables these goals to be met, including scorecards, performance targets, work flows, etc
  • Build team competency to repeat the strategy process on their own

Medical Teams International

MTI leadership engaged TI strategic services in order to accelerate MTI’s performance on:

  • Programmatic Impact
  • Infrastructure build-up
  • Resource Development
  • Donor & Volunteer Engagement
  • Comprehensive review and recommendations for the MTI board

  • See case study for Medical Teams International

Mission Aviation Fellowship
This global Aviation-services NGO engaged Tandon Institute to provide leadership and subject matter expertise in:

  • Instituting organization-wide Culture change
  • Developing effective partnerships with key Stakeholders worldwide – State, NGO and Corporations

Mission Increase Foundation

This non-profit accelerator, with numerous Chapters nation-wide, engaged Tandon Institute to:

  • Develop a comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy for rapid growth
  • Develop, from scratch, a comprehensive biz-training and capacity building program for indigenous NGOs worldwide
  • Design and build a NGO Capacity Building Center in Mindanao, Philippines (launched Feb, 2014)

  • See case study for Mission Increase Foundation

Partners International

This International partnership of indigenous NGOs engaged TI to:

  • Develop a high-capacity Board
  • Develop a scalable fundraising strategy
  • Providing as-needed Expert Staffing in Fundraising

Praxis Labs

This Social Sector Accelerator engages Atul Tandon to mentor the Participants of its Non-Profit Accelerator in Fundraising & Financial Sustainability.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship engaged Tandon Institute to:

  • Develop enterprise-wide Portfolio and Program evaluation models
  • Design and deploy a Sustainer/Pledge Program
  • Provide as-needed Expert Staffing in Fundraising and Project Management
  • Coaching and mentoring of C-Level Executives

Prison Fellowship International

Prison Fellowship International engaged Tandon Institute to:

  • Provide expert advice and counsel on best practices in the programmatic design of international child sponsorship models

See Your Impact

This online Donor Engagement accelerator engaged TI to develop NGO Partner recruitment strategy and pipeline.

The Gideons International

The Gideons International has engaged TI to:

  • Develop comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy to stabilize and rapidly scale impact and revenues
  • Build Staff capacities and competencies in Strategic Planning

World Vision International

WVI engaged Tandon Institute to assess and recommend strategy and structures to enable its Global Management Team support the Partnership’s Support (Fundraising) Offices worldwide.