Atul Tandon

Empowering change. Cutting edge thinking. Strategic vision. Building robust organizations. Accelerating impact.

Atul’s expertise is far reaching. He is a well-seasoned leader in the areas of consumer banking, e-commerce, community organizations, several civil society organizations, and international humanitarian relief and development organizations.

Atul is an experienced global entrepreneur, non-profit leader, strategic advisor, humanitarian, and published author. His 30-plus year track record of designing, building, and scaling some of the world’s largest for-profit and non-profit organizations and networks influenced the landscape of a number of sectors.

Atul was born, raised, and educated in India. He started his work life as an entrepreneur setting up a financial services company in Chennai, India. He has served with the global leadership teams of Citibank, World Vison, and United Way. Atul was a founding member of both Bono’s ONE campaign, and World Vision’s highly successful HOPE initiative.

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An expert in accelerating social enterprises worldwide, Atul has written a host of articles featured in leading Philanthropy 400 publications. His insights into both the non-profit and for-profit sectors are well respected and cover a variety of topics including resource development, CEO coaching, and fundraising strategy.

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