Tandon Institute Services Accelerating Solutions

All of the work we do for our client organizations utilize our three main strategies of enterprise acceleration, resource development, and public engagement. Our tailored approach is focused on client strategy, solutions, and staffing.

Look at case studies that demonstrate how our work enables our clients to achieve successful outcomes.

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Fundraising Solutions

    • Discovery/Analysis » Understanding an organization’s current situation and analyzing an organization’s program and resource development strategies, platform, donor base, performance results, etc. in order to identify gaps for future growth.
    • 8S Analysis™ » Eight universal drivers that help a non-profit build a long-term sustainable and scalable resource development engine. This analysis is incorporated as a vital part of TI’s fundraising solutions.
    • Enterprise Strategy » Establishing a strategic key performance indicator framework for organizations and helping them view their organization through a new analytical lens for making the best investment decisions. See picture visual below for process components
  • Marketing Strategies » Developing or rebuilding marketing strategies specific to one or a variety of the following portfolios in order to accelerate growth in these areas: Mass Marketing (SG, Pledge, Sponsorship) and Mid-Major Donors
  • Widen the Jaws™ » Helping an organization prioritize their allocation of resources and conduct multi-year strategic planning through a repeatable process that an organization can leverage for future years to come. The goal is a sustained increase in revenues and donor engagement and the desired outcome is a 3 year roadmap for future growth. Widening the Jaws™ is an approach to building sustainable & scalable funding engines.
    Process includes:
    • Understanding current state (usually achieved in Discovery phase)
    • Developing desired future state
    • Building a roadmap for how to get there through various product and channel solutions.
  • External Communications/Brand/PR Strategies » is a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s public-facing communications at two levels: Donor-facing and fundraising messaging and Brand Architecture and PR. Goal is to increase an organization’s revenues by increasing their direct response rates, gift frequency and/or gift sizes. Second, is to strengthen the organization’s brand, constituent messaging and PR efforts.

Other Solutions

(not necessarily specific to Fundraising)

  • CEO Coaching » This is an advisory role that Atul does directly with the CEO or the Executive team of an organization. This may include any of the following: Board governance, recruitment of staff, developing a balanced scorecard & monitoring/reporting methodology, or any specific roles/advice needed as it relates to fundraising and marketing strategy.
  • Staffing Solutions » Instead of an organization hiring a full-time employee for a key marketing position, that organization can contract on of TI’s marketing experts (I:Cs) to act in that position as a staff member of that organization. This can be an ongoing solution or a temporary situation until they find a more permanent solution.