Our People: Tandon Institute Team™

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Carol Quinlan

Carol serves as Executive Assistant and project manager for Atul Tandon.

Prior to joining Tandon Institute in 2012, Carol was Executive Assistant to Dr. Ray Bakke, Chancellor and Professor of Global Urban Ministry at the Bakke Graduate University in Seattle. Over six years in that role she traveled to several nations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and managed a half million dollars annually in scholarship funds. Prior to that, Carol worked at Seattle Pacific University for 14 years serving several top administrators and managed several large community events.

Carol has a BA in Education from the University of Northern Colorado. She resides in Van Zandt, Washington (NE of Bellingham).


Danielle Tandon

Danielle is Tandon Institute’s Chief Financial Officer and Business Services Director since June 2013.

Prior to Tandon Institute, she worked as Assistant Controller for New Day Financial, a mortgage lending firm based in Washington, D.C., where Danielle directed the accounting team’s priorities and individual assignments, and managed accounting procedures, including external audit, monthly close, reviewing reconciliations, and generating financials and external reporting. Prior to that Danielle worked as an auditor for a public accounting firm in Bellevue, Washington, and as Director of Finance and Executive Administration at Washington State University.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a double major in Accounting and Finance from Washington State University. She also holds a CPA license. Danielle resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Dean Owen

Dean is an international award-winning communications professional with more than 30 years of experience serving non-profit and humanitarian organizations, Fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies. Dean’s expertise includes: communications strategies for C-suite executives; managing risk and crisis issues; speech writing and media/communications training; and promoting issues, organizations and people through mainstream and social media.

His authored articles for clients have appeared in The New York Times, Christianity Today, CNN.com, and The Huffington Post, as well as major media outlets in Europe, Asia and Africa.

His clients appreciate Dean’s strategic analysis of complex communications opportunities and challenges, as well as his operational execution of communications plans. Among the services he provides are: building and operationalizing internal and public communications frameworks; reputation and crisis management; media relations; executive coaching and training in public speaking, media relations and public affairs; and public relations counsel. Dean is available to serve as an organization’s PR consultant on a project and/or retainer basis.

Mission Increase Foundation has had opportunity to work with Dean Owen on several different occasions. Dean not only provided counsel regarding the best methods to communicate to a variety of different audiences, he also used his wordsmithing skills to help us craft a number of communications that reflect our values and the heart of our organization. We deeply appreciate Dean’s skills, as well as his willingness to use them to further Kingdom work.

Matt Baxter, Vice President of Program
Mission Increase Foundation


Grant Cassidy M. A.

Grant Cassidy is TI’s Toronto-based Fellow, and serves clients worldwide. He brings over three decades of experience developing fundraising, marketing and branding strategies for local and international nonprofits. His project portfolio, for TI clients, includes establishing developing new fundraising activities, increasing customer loyalty, and planning and implementing fundraising campaigns. Grant is a globally-recognized expert in pledge program development and upgrading.

Prior to joining the Tandon Institute, Grant worked for World Vision, the international Christian humanitarian organization, in a variety of roles, most recently as the Senior Executive Officer on the Global Marketing Team. He led numerous efforts with internal marketing clients globally to develop fundraising teams, to reposition the child sponsorship product, including using social media to more effectively engage current and prospective donors. He has been recognized for new market development activities in European, Asian, and Latin American contexts, and is fluent in English, French and Dutch.

Grant holds a Master’s Degree from McMaster University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from York University.


Steve Quant

Steve Quant is an internationally recognized marketer, storyteller, producer and writer who understands the value of brand while focusing on measurable results.

As founder and principal of SKEW Communications, he operates a boutique creative marketing, media and relational communications-consulting firm (skewcommunications.com). Previously, Quant served as Director of Media Acquisition for World Vision, a Christian based humanitarian organization serving the world’s poorest children and families. Previous to World Vision, he enjoyed a distinguished career in television broadcasting receiving National Emmy Awards for his work at The Olympic Games. He’s also been honored with over 30 Regional Emmy Awards, as well as other international broadcasting awards and honors. Quant is a northwest native and graduate of Washington State University Edward R. Murrow School of Communications. He has served on the Presidents Council for the National Religious Broadcasters Association, The Board of Directors for Samaritans Center of Puget Sound and volunteers locally for several non-profit and faith based organizations.


Jaci Andrews

Naturally a keen analyst with over ten years of marketing strategy experience, Jaci is a results-driven business professional with diverse direct response, retention, and loyalty marketing knowledge and portfolio optimization know-how. She proficiently leads with a tenacity secured by her extensive knowledge of all marketing development stages. Her enthusiasm and dedication to all of her clients is transparent in her approach and delivery.

Jaci’s project experience includes developing multi-channel marketing strategies, managing direct mail and email campaigns, and providing effective review and strategic planning recommendations. Through innovative thinking, she has a great ability to influence change and implement a full spectrum of enterprise focused solutions designed to both engage the client and produce successful results.


J. Paul Fridenmaker

J. Paul Fridenmaker is TI’s Advancement & Partnerships Fellow. His work focuses on helping TI clients build major and mid donor fundraising programs. J. Paul is Seattle-based and serves Clients internationally.

J.Paul brings over twenty-five years of experience in major donor fundraising. His expertise areas include: supporting nonprofits building strong major gift and mid donor cultivation programs, coaching and advising Development Directors and Major Gift Officers (MGOs) in the art & science of major gift fundraising – including acquisition, retention, gift cultivation and engagement strategies. J. Paul has a long track record of helping his clients improve their productivity, portfolio revenues and, most importantly, donor satisfaction.

J. Paul’s interest in philanthropy started in 1996 with his work as Annual Fund Director at George Fox University, OR. It led him to serve as the Director of Financial Development at Interdev, and later led fundraising at World Evangelical Alliance. He works with the Generous Giving community, leading their donor-facing Journeys of Generosity workshops globally, and conducts online MGO-training workshops for the Christian Leadership Association.

J. Paul’s Tandon Institute client portfolio includes CMMB, ADF, India Collaboration and Focus on the Family. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Seattle Pacific University.

Through the years, I’ve been exposed to more consultants than I care to recall. Most were and are forgettable. The majority offer a rehash of things I’ve heard before, strategies I have or am using.

J. Paul walked in to our FH “blended family,” and owned the room immediately. His keen insight, steeped in life experience, sets him apart from the rest and I’ve found in him someone in whom I have confidence to move this department forward.

I will recommend J. Paul to anyone of any stripe and they who use him will be the better for it.​

Randall E. Davey, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships
Food for the Hungry


Katie Hawkins

Katie Hawkins is a veteran fundraiser with over fifteen years of experience with non-profits of all sizes. Katie thoughtfully tends to all of her clients with passion and dedication, and focuses much of her attention on building and improving pledge/sustainer programs and middle donor programs. No matter what program she is working on, exceeding goals and expectations is her top priority.

Katie also enjoys working with her clients to develop strategies which accelerate donor engagement and resource mobilization programs in a variety of ways. Her expertise includes building holistic strategies for engaging donors & supporters, launching new ministry development programs, analyzing and re-engineering existing programs, and managing those programs for maximizing revenues and impact.


Kristi Bowman Morgan

Kristi is Tandon Institute’s Senior Communications Writer. Kristi’s project portfolio includes direct mail, email, eNews, eCards, website content, newsletters, and collateral materials for mass and major donors. Her assignments have included Alliance for Children Everywhere, Focus on the Family, Mission Increase Foundation and others.

Kristi joined Tandon Institute in 2014 after more than 16 years at World Vision, where her roles included: Senior Communications Officer, Campaign Management Quality Assurance Leader, and Youth Marketing Operations Manager. During her tenure at World Vision, Kristi produced executive level speeches, blogs, internal strategic announcements, industry analyses, external partnership strategy documents, and video scripts. She also led a cross-functional team through the development and implementation of strategic process improvements resulting in time and cost savings. Prior to World Vision, Kristi led an advertising team at Zones, Inc., a Seattle-area technology firm.

Kristi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, with a minor in Professional Writing from the University of Puget Sound. Her book, Balance Beams, was published in January 2015. She resides in the Seattle area with her husband and two children.

Alliance for Children Everywhere has had the privilege to work with Kristi through a significant organizational transition. She helped to transform our voice with seamless effort, yet maintain a style of communication that reflects our rich history.

Kristi is able to effectively dive into the details with great focus while simultaneously building the big picture. It is a true joy when the synergy with an individual connects on both a personal and professional level. I’m honored to learn from, and work with such excellent writing and communications talent!

Cari Armbruster RN-BC, Executive Director
Alliance for Children Everywhere


Michelle Lea Nelson

As a seasoned grant writer and research development analyst with over twenty years of concrete experience, Michelle’s enthusiasm as a team player is a great asset to every client she encounters. With over a decade of proposal research and preparation proficiency, she has developed multiple funder relationships, and charted grant reports at a high success rate.

Michelle is a detail oriented event planner and project management expert. Her excellent communication skills provide the right mix of acumen and determination to complete the task at hand. Her work for non-profit clients has included including grant writing, managing end-to-end fundraising events, and designing and implementing promotional materials such as annual reports and newsletters for both small and large organizations.


Michelle Rutter

Michelle Rutter is a results-oriented marketing professional. With over twenty years of direct marketing and brand awareness experience, Michelle diligently serves her non-profit clients as true partners by providing seasoned expertise in direct response marketing optimization, strategic development, branding, creative, and product development.

Her extensive career has ranged from overseeing fundraising and marketing efforts for a top humanitarian relief and development organization to effectively developing and marketing programs and products for a major toy company. In addition, she has successfully served as a consultant in the global marketing sphere and managed top marketing and branding efforts within the entertainment resort industry.


Shari Van Cleave

Shari Van Cleave engages Tandon Institute clients to advance product development, drive digital innovation, expand constituent involvement and increase revenue. She has more than a dozen years of experience in developing and executing marketing and branding initiatives, enabling clients to build awareness and revenue for their causes. Shari is currently developing new revenue lines for non-profit agencies and Fortune 100 companies. Her work combines data analytics with consumer trends and technological finesse.

Previously, Shari worked in senior-level positions for World Vision, the international Christian humanitarian organization, and as Chief Innovation Officer for Masterworks, the Seattle-area marketing firm helping nonprofits inspire others to give time, talent and treasure. She has helped clients develop corporate alliances and celebrity partnerships to raise their visibility and brand awareness.

Shari is Boston-based and serves clients worldwide. Her TI-portfolio includes CMMB, Leadership Institute and others. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Political Economy from the University of Washington.


Steven Screen

Steven is a high-impact fundraising strategist and innovative creative director. He has over twenty years of experience acquiring and cultivating donors from the largest multi-national NGOs to local nonprofits. Resourceful and solution oriented, his coveted fundraising and creative work earned him the Direct Mail Package Of The Year award.

Steven’s data-driven fundraising strategies are focused on the value of changing donor lives through the joy of giving. His unique combination of creative know-how and campaign effectiveness have helped hundreds of nonprofits know what to say, who to say it to, and when to say it. For over two decades, his innate ability to build fundraising ecosystems have produced tangible results and increasing revenue for each client.


Vivek Dharmaraj

Vivek Dharmaraj is Tandon Institute’s India-based Fellow. He supports our Indian Clients with donor engagement and fundraising consulting, project management, training and capacity building.

For over two decades, Vivek has honed his management skills in diverse fields and sectors, within India and internationally. His wide range of international experience includes organizing and facilitating seminars in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India and Uganda. He has presented and attended conferences in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Estonia. Vivek previously served as Project Leader for a Gates Foundation-funded tuberculosis control project in India, was Country Logistician in East Timor; and headed the trading division for a food and drug company in Nigeria.

Vivek holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics from Pune University in India. He resides in Pune, India.